Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is out in the market, beating all its previous Surface tablet versions. Now it’s slimmer, about 8.4mm only and has a larger screen display. What some people suggest today is that it has replaced a laptop computer. In coming years, we can see tablets a total replacement for laptop computers.


Why is replacement a factor here?

Nobody wishes to carry a bulky machine along with its charging pod to college and offices. Even if you have a really comfortable backpack or a leather bag to carry your laptop, it is still a hassle because you are carrying it along the way and it has some good weight.

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This Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a light-weight tablet machine which has all the features that a normal laptop has – even the ports! It’s easily connectable to any other device which makes it even more useful.

Also, it comes with a surface pen that writes exactly like a normal pen – increasing flexibility. You can take down notes in the class or make minutes of the meeting on your ultra-handy device, and later convert into a text file. It all happens within a few clicks. Microsoft, indeed, has an incredible sense for UI.

What’s more in Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

In recent performance analysis, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 beat Macbook Air by being 50% faster. How great is that? Bill Gates and Company has achieved a marvelous milestone just right here!
Furthermore, it has up to 16GB limit for RAM and 1 TB storage. There is really no need to worry about transferring your photos every once in a while to an external storage device for some backup. 1TB is a great number!

Lastly, there is a noticeable upgrade in the signature keyboard of Microsoft Surface Pro 4. With an introduction of a soft keyboard, it increases the comfort level of the users who now experience a better interactive environment with quiet and responsive typing. It also has a new button design and a fingerprint reader – the latter adding up to a good security measure.

Order your Microsoft Surface Pro 4 now for $749, available on amazon!


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