How cool would it be to have a virtual assistant at home who would control everything that you do yourself – from regulating the speed of the fan to toasting some slices of bread for your easy breakfast?

Mark Zuckerberg was working on one of his personal projects of 2016, the idea of which revolved around talking to an artificially intelligent voice-controlled assistant who could be your friend at home.

“In some ways, this challenge was easier than I expected.” – mentioned Zuckerberg in one of his interviews.

The inspiration to build an artificially intelligent voice-controlled assistant came from the Iron Man movie where the main character, Tony Stark had a digital butler, Jarvis, who controlled his life at home.

Amazon-echo is already in the market which has a similar functionality of a smart-home tech, but what Mark needed was a customization of his own so he started working to build one, LIKE A BOSS.

Mark makes the whole digital personal assistant thing look this simple.


The plan was to teach the digital personal assistant everything with time, like how you teach a kid. While being at home, if Mark wanted to listen to some songs of his preference, he built his PA intelligent enough to recognize choices and produce related output.

Sadly, the code on which he spent almost a ton of hours, can no more be under his wisdom. We are receiving reports that he is planning to give away that handsome code he was working on. He wants to basically outsource the code so that this can be laid as a foundation to create similar functionality products.

It’s going to be an early tomorrow when an artificially intelligent voice-controlled assistant will be so commonly found in most of the households. The future seems so bright and this guy, Mark is doing an incredible job!

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