People always worry about food when they go for camping or picnics. Sometimes they plan to carry food with them but at times, when families are more enthusiastic and fun loving, they prefer to cook food there and then. Is it possible to cook on a beach? Of course, it is if you own a portable charcoal grill.

portable charcoal grill

Barbecue items in the food menu are usually preferred when families and friends go for picnics on a beach or farm houses. It is a very reliable introduction in the series of cooking utensils.

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You would not want to carry food with you which is not even fresh to eat after a few hours. It is more of a hassle and a spoiler to a perfect evening.  

So how do you cook outdoor?

The answer is pretty simple. You take all the ingredients and the portable charcoal grill with you to your trip, be it a local soccer match, or a field trip, or a beach party and then set up the grill for barbecue roughly 2 hours before lunch/dinner time.

Is it dangerous?

I am afraid to say, yes it is. But then cooking in the kitchen is also dangerous if you are not taking precautions. I say, don’t let the invention die because of some absurd fears. You just need to be careful. Studies suggest that most of the grill disasters occurred in a lawn or field. So what you can do is use your charcoal grill in an area that has a solid ground.

What do you need for your portable charcoal grill kit?

Don’t forget the marinated meat because that is what your grill kit is being set for. Quoting again, do not get scared of outdoor cooking. Take precautions and have fun!

Take precautions and have fun! 

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