It was a hostage crisis really. Let me tell you about how exactly SSG brought this bus hijacking drama to the end. It was February 20th, 1994 when a school bus was hijacked by three gunmen near Peshawar. The bus was carrying 74 students, an office boy, 1 male and 6 female teachers. The hijackers put a gun to the driver’s head and forced him to drive the bus towards Islamabad. After entering the capital city, they took that bus into the Afghan embassy. These gunmen were Afghan inhabitants who wanted their demands to be fulfilled by the Pakistani government. They demanded the rehabilitation of refugee camps and the opening of Pak-Afghan border so that more refugees could enter Pakistani territory.

Initial negotiations were successful and the hijackers released 57 hostages. Now with 16 students and a teacher trapped inside, the hijackers came up with a brand new demand of 5 Million Dollars Cash and a helicopter, for taking them back to Afghanistan – Pick & Drop Service 

Situation slipping away…

As the situation was not coming to a logical conclusion, Pakistani Officials arrived along with Afghan Ambassador for further negotiations. Thankfully, the kidnappers released few more hostages but kept 5 students and a teacher with them inside the premises.

Now, the situation started getting even worse and the hijackers had started behaving violently. This was the time when SSG stepped in and signaled, “Enough!” The Afghan ambassador was taken into confidence about the upcoming action. Somehow, SSG guys had also informed the students inside the premises about this impending commando assault.

Woah, a huge explosion!!! People were thinking that those hijackers might have blew up the entire complex. But actually, the SSG guys used this explosion as a diversion. Once those hijackers’ attention got diverted, SSG Commandos breached the premises, rushed onto the terrorists and wiped them out within seconds!

Following the traditions of zero failure, SSG wrapped this drama with extreme precision; without any collateral damage.

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