Today, I’m going to share some aspects of freelancing. Especially when it comes to starting a freelancing career in Pakistan, this article is going to guide you how exactly you can get started with freelancing from scratch.

Let me tell you:

It was the year 2013 when I first signed up for upwork (formerly known as oDesk). The most difficult aspect I came across at that time was getting hired for the very first project. Despite submitting lot of proposals everyday, it took me nearly one month for securing my first article writing project. Yes, you may start getting frustrated while going through this phase of trying to get awarded very first project of your freelancing career. But let me tell you, never get disappointed. At this initial phase, it’s a game of patience!

Good things come to those, who wait.

Yeah, that’s true. You have to be patient as well as consistent enough to achieve your goal of securing first project. Here too, while looking for your first project, be patient and maintain your consistency. Keep looking for new opportunities by exploring your jobs feed and submitting proposals, who knows your first project is waiting for you right there 😉

How I started my freelancing career?

There are many freelancing websites out there like and I’ve used most them but I would still recommend In my opinion, upwork is the best platform for freelancing in Pakistan. oDesk was alone, but upwork is now a mixture of two largest companies (oDesk and Elance). It’s a huge community of freelancers and clients, actively looking for potential partners to work with. My experience working on upwork is really pleasant. I hope you won’t regret your decision of joining upwork.

I started my freelancing career as an article writer but at the same time, I decided not to keep crawling in a specific domain for next ten years. So, I started polishing further skills and as a result, I was awarded a couple of synopsis writing projects related to Photography, few Power Point projects, some Photoshop work, Research tasks; and then ultimately landed into Web Development and Project Management.

Now-a-days, I’m working as a Project Manager with Pixelynx Labs LLC, a USA based software & equipment solutions company. The CEO of this company (my client) is a former Creative Production Trainer at Apple 😉 When you have dedication and commitment towards your work, you’ll surely get opportunities of working with such amazing people. That’s another wonderful aspect of freelancing. On a lighter note, I would like to share this video with you. Watch this:

In addition to this, he had this to say about me at the end of a project:

Farooq’s attention to detail is a rare talent to come by on this platform. He is an A+ designer with a creative eye that equally matches his integrity. 100% recommended to anyone looking for a great person to work with!

upwork project feedback

Furthermore, another client dropped these lines for me:

Mohemmed is a true WordPress Expert and did a great job. What I was fighting with for 5 days, he fixed in 5 minutes. I will definately hire Mohemmed again. He did the job super fast, exactly knew how to fix the problem and the communication was great without any delays or any other issues. I would recommend Mohemmed to everyone who wants excellent work and somebody who has perfect skills with wordpress. Thank you a lot!!!

upwork project feedback

Anyway, lets move on and get to know what are the basic fundamental steps of giving your freelancing career a kick start.

Getting Started

The very first thing you should do is to identify your area of interest, because freelancing is all about your skill set. You actually cash your skills. Once you’re sure about your skills and expertise, now is the time to go ahead and sign up for upwork. The signup procedure is quite simple. Let me put this in a step by step manner:

1. Go to

2. Click on “SIGN UP”

3. Select “I’m looking for online work” by clicking “Work”

4. Fill in all the details and click “Get Started”

5. Set your preferences here, accordingly

Once you click “See Recommendations”, you’ll start seeing a list of related jobs in your jobs feed, depending on your skills. You can save any five of those enlisted jobs.

6. Now click on “Continue to Create Profile”.

7. Profile Creation Checklist

While you’re on profile creation page, make sure you fill up everything you see here on profile creation page:

  • Photo: Upload a picture of yourself (your face should be easily recognizable).
  • Title: Your bio tag-line (describe in few words who you are).
  • Professional Overview: A brief overview about what you are capable of.
  • Education: Fill it up accordingly, from High School till now.
  • Employment History: Just fill it up with some of your previous work (doesn’t matter where you performed that job).
  • Set your language proficiency.
  • Hourly Rate (you’re a beginner here; for now, try to set it as low as possible).
  • Availability (your work timings) and Location.
  • Address & City (just a formality, I’ve never received anything via post in 3 years).
  • Contact Number should be your personal.

Make sure everything mentioned above is provided correctly before proceeding forward onto Upwork Membership Plan selection page.

8. Choose Upwork Membership Plan

So you’ve created your profile, right? Now you’ll be asked to choose a membership plan. I would suggest going with Freelance Basic. As you’re just starting up, there’s no need to spend $10/month now.


9. Submit profile for upwork review

Once you’re done with profile details and membership plan, your profile is ready to be submitted for review. Click on “Submit My Profile” now. Your profile will be submitted to upwork for review. They’ll be responding within 12 hours via email, updating you about the approval or rejection of your profile.

10. 100% profile completion

Ok, you’ve submitted your profile and it’s being reviewed, what’s next? The next objective you have now is to make sure your profile is 100% complete. Profile completion (100%) is really helpful in securing projects on upwork. You see that “Take a Skill Test” in image below? Click on it. After you’ve taken a test, next step for achieving this goal of profile completion will appear automatically.freelancing-in-pakistan-freelancer-upwork-profile-setup-completion-pakistography

Remember, you can’t submit any proposals until your profile is approved. I’ll be walking you through various aspects of exploring jobs feed, submitting proposals and bidding later on. SUBSCRIBE and be the first one to know about upcoming interesting stuff.

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