Getting Started

The very first thing you should do is to identify your area of interest, because freelancing is all about cashing your skill set. You actually cash your skills. Once you’re sure about your skills and expertise, now is the time to go ahead and set up your upwork profile; the very first step towards an amazing journey of becoming a successful freelancer in future. The signup procedure is quite simple.

Step 1: Go to

Step2: Click on “SIGN UP”

Step 3: Select “I’m looking for online work” by clicking “Work”

Step 4: Fill in all the details and click “Get Started”

Step 5: Set your upwork profile preferences, accordingly

Once you click “See Recommendations”, you’ll start seeing a list of related jobs in your jobs feed, depending on your skills. You can save any five of those enlisted jobs.

Step 6: Now click on “Continue to Create Profile”.

Step 7: Profile Creation Checklist

While you’re on profile creation page, make sure you fill up everything you see here on upwork profile page:

  • Photo: Upload a picture of yourself (your face should be easily recognizable).
  • Title: Your bio tagline (describe in few words who you are).
  • Professional Overview: A brief overview of what you are capable of.
  • Education: Fill it up accordingly, from High School till now.
  • Employment History: Just fill it up with some of your previous work (doesn’t matter where you performed that job).
  • Set your language proficiency.
  • Hourly Rate (you’re a beginner here; for now, try to set it as low as possible).
  • Availability (your work timings) and Location.
  • Address & City (just a formality, I’ve never received anything via post in 3 years).
  • Contact Number should be your personal.

Make sure everything mentioned above is provided correctly inserted before proceeding forward onto the Upwork Profile Membership Plan page.

Step 8: Choose Upwork Membership Plan

So you’ve completed the initial phase, right? Now you’ll be asked to choose a membership plan. I would suggest going with Freelancer Basic. As you’re just starting up, there’s no need to spend $10 per month for now.


Step 9: Submit your upwork profile for review

Once you’re done with profile details and membership plan, your profile is ready to be submitted for review. Click on “Submit My Profile” now. Your profile will be submitted to upwork for review. They’ll be responding within 12 hours via email, updating you about the approval or rejection of your profile.

Step 10: 100% profile completion

Ok, you’ve submitted your profile and it’s being reviewed, what’s next? The next objective you have now is to make sure your profile is 100% complete. Profile completion (100%) is really helpful in securing projects on upwork. You see that “Take a Skill Test” in image below? Click on it. After you’ve taken a test, next step for achieving this goal of profile completion will appear automatically.freelancing-in-pakistan-freelancer-upwork-profile-setup-completion-pakistography

Remember, you can’t submit any proposals until your profile is approved. I’ll be walking you through various aspects of exploring jobs feed, submitting proposals and bidding later on. SUBSCRIBE and be the first one to read my next post about upwork profile approval.

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