It’s quite a bewildering situation which every freelancer comes across, especially if he has just started his freelancing career. How to fix charges for your work as a freelancer is a big question and the following tips will help solve your issue.

fix charges for your work as a freelancer

Pay per hour instead of pay per project

Pay per project seems a little uncomplicated but it’s not the right strategy. Every individual starts with nil experience but this does not define his skillset. It only determines that he is new in the market. How he fixes the charges for his work becomes a problem because the market rate for that similar task is not really compatible with experience and quality of work. It’s just how people have set it. 10/20 people don’t even produce good results but they are charging the same as the rest of the 10 people who actually got the client some good business out of their work.

Summarizing the point, how to fix charges for your work as a freelancer is in accordance with your worth and the time that will take to accomplish the task.

How to price your work on upwork

Using upwork team app, get your hourly project time calculated. It’s an online workspace that virtually connects employees and employers together. Upwork time tracking tool is a plus because you get paid exactly according to how much time you spend on a particular task/project.

Setting up pay per hour is done on the basis of how much benefit you can provide to the company from the task which you will accomplish. As a beginner, start with a range of Rupees 300-500 ($3 – $5) per hour. As you gain experience, move the range scale ahead to may be Rs. 1,000 – 1,500 ($10 – $15) per hour.

Note that as you move further with your experience, you also learn to deliver quicker. So the task which took you 5 hours to complete will go down to 2-3 hours, approximately. But this time, it will be bigger and better!

Negotiate while you fix charges for your work as a freelancer

Yep! You do not want to lose a client when you know that you are well capable of doing the job for him. So, NEGOTIATE! Do not fall for doing the task at a rate which is nearly exploiting the market but adjust yourself – amend your service plan according to the client’s budget.

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