Do you often hear your mom yelling at you because you have so much “free time”? Haha, same happened to Mr. Uzair once. Let me tell you why:

Uzair was a hard working intelligent guy, his A+ in intermediate proves that. His parents wanted to see him as a doctor and he was on his way of pursuing MBBS from one of the most prestigious medical institutes in Pakistan, the King Edward Medical University. When he was on vacations after exams, he was free; probably watching movies and sleeping most of the time.

Uzair – a Pakistani Freelancer

One day, while watching TV, his mom called him and showed a boy who was in the news, talking about his achievements he made as a freelancer. Referring to that video clip, his mom once again “advised” him to be proactive during these vacations. That was the time when Uzair decided to do something remarkable and make a mark! So he went ahead, signed up for Elance (now upwork) and embarked on his freelancing career.

After doing research for few days, what Uzair did is that he formed a company which would offer “Translation” services to the clients from all over the world. With a habit of never compromising on quality and providing clients the best services possible, it was just a matter of time and Uzair’s company was progressing by leaps and bounds. With this tremendous growth, his company got many employees from as many as 30 different countries. At this stage, Uzair’s company at Elance, was a Top Recommended Translator Company in that whole community.

According to an estimate, Uzair earned more than half a Million Dollars through this freelancing career. Now that’s kinda serious amount! 

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Uzair says that none of this was given in a platter. There’s a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment centered around this successful career.

If you’re a freelancer already, or thinking of starting freelancing, please share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.


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