Are you a passionate beginner photographer and want to make your way towards becoming a top photographer in your community? You’re at the right place. Today I’m going to share few basic tips which you should focus on, in order to improve your photography. I made these mistakes while starting up. Now I’m sharing these with you, so that you don’t have to pass through the difficulties I faced in early times of my photography.

1. Adjust to the changing Light

If you’ve been doing an outdoor photo shoot for quite a while and the sun has moved over to a new position, you need to change your setup in order to compensate that light change. Keep adjusting your camera/light settings as you move on. If you don’t take notice of the light changing around, you might lose a good portion of your photos. They would be under or over exposed which are totally useless most of the time.

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So, regularly check your images after taking them and see if you need to make any change. By the time you do this, you’ll notice an improvement in your photos.

2. Slow Down Buddy!

When I was a beginner, I wasn’t really willing to slow down and think about what I’m about to do. I just wanted to click click and click… My behavior was like: “Keep taking lot of photos, and hope I’ll get some good ones in the end.”

No man, it’s not the way how it works. While you’re out there doing some photography practice, please stay calm. Staying calm would help you focus on your subject well and you’ll be able to think more about your shot composition. So, grab your camera and go out there. Look around, frame the shot in your mind first, then bring out the camera, CLICK!

3. Learn to Pose

Your subject doesn’t know how to pose. They’re not going to give you good candids by just standing there. So you need to have enough posing angles in your mind. This would also save you from having tons of images which would be just throw-offs later on.

Sometimes a beginner photographer would consider it to be a little hard to learn. Let me tell you, along with photography, posing is also an art. You should learn posing fundamentals and techniques, as many as possible. Because this is something that’s going to pay you off afterwards.

You might be wondering where you can learn this from. I would recommend going for CreativeLive. Their instructors are not ordinary, they’re top photographers from all over the world. Here’s a posing course being offered these days.

4. Shoot in RAW

Yes, the most important thing. Your passion for photography is not going anywhere if you’re still shooting in JPEG. Shift yourself to RAW shooting as soon as possible. It’s not that hard. You’ll see how your post processing improves once you start shooting in RAW.

5. Expensive Gear isn’t Everything

That’s another misunderstanding found in various beginners photographers. Most people say that you can’t become a good photographer if you don’t have a super expensive gear. Let me tell you, this is NOT true. You don’t need high-end gear to become a good photographer. You can do this with an entry level DSLR with nothing other than a kit-lens. All that matters is your hard work and dedication towards your passion.

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