“The best way to destroy a country is to make its people disenchanted with their army”

~ Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi

For any sovereign country, the relationship between its people and army is as important as economic, political and diplomatic aspects. When a nation somehow starts hating its army, destruction becomes its fate. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, one of the greatest Muslim military commanders, declared this relation to be the very backbone of a country’s survival. As long as the nation is standing with its army, that army can turn things around dramatically. Alhamdulillah, Pakistan is blessed with this amazing relationship between Pakistan Army and the Pakistani nation. Whether it’s peace or war, Pakistani people are always standing with their armed forces.

Now, there is a group of “intellectuals” who don’t really like this fact of Pakistan Army always being loved by the Pakistani nation, and they are always keen to find an issue and start speaking against the armed forces. These guys are so intelligent that if they can’t find an issue in open media market, they create a new one using their creativity 😉

Look around

A few days ago, few dumbs called this a “Myth”. Let me tell you first, this is NOT a myth but a “Faith” which we Pakistanis strongly believe in. No matter how much enemies try, this faith can never be harmed.

Ok, the guys who announced this to be a “Myth” few days ago, also said that the patriotism in Pakistan is gauged by your love with this uniform. YES, these guys in khaki uniform are THE most sacred ones for us on this planet. They are the ones who are fighting a bloody war and protecting this motherland with their blood. They are the ones who are going to be a part of Ghazwa-e-Hind, a final battle with Hindu Mushriks.

Coming to the Sipah Salaar of Pakistan Army, General Raheel Shareef. Heck yeah  he’s the king of kings! He’s the one who knows how to nail down rascals. Since the deployment of 4th & 5th Generation War against Pakistan for the past decade, there was no such peace in Pakistan as it is seen these days. Pakistan was bleeding when General Raheel took his charge as Chief of the Army Staff. The enemies were hurting us. Yes, the man in Khaki uniform took care of this cancer, is there a reason we don’t love him?


Whether you’re a media monkey, political goon, economic hit-man or a legendary traitor, make sure you NEVER mess with this sacred relation ever in your life. Pakistani Nation will tear you apart if you try to malign their heroes. These two (PakArmy and Pakistani Nation) have been in connection for more than 60 years and this affiliation is now strong enough to punch you right on your nose, in case you try to disturb it. Beware!

It’s not an ordinary interaction, Allah Subhana’o’ta’aala has blessed this force with countless blessings. And today, from Afghanistan to India to Israel to America, this Pakistan Army is the one which is being targeted from all axis. Its Nuclear Arsenal and Missile Defense System is a nightmare for the enemies. These poor guys are literally unable to sleep at nights 

“We’re the richest country on this God’s Earth”

~ Syed Zaid Hamid

We have a written destination ahead!

Allah Subhana’o’ta’aala has blessed Pakistan with Nuclear Power and world’s most sophisticated Missile Defense System. Pakistan is the only Muslim country with Nuclear Capability and Pakistan Air Force is the only air force in the world who has shot down Indian and Israeli aircrafts in air to air combat. There’s NO doubt, it’s the Pakistani Armed Forces who are going to be part of Ghazwa-e-Hind. Watch this video and have an overview of what Syedi Rasool Allah told about Pakistan:

Destiny about to unfold…

The destiny which has already been written, is yet to unfold. And according to this destined destiny, Pakistan is going to be a country leading and representing entire Muslim Ummah across the globe. Syedi Rasool Allah ﷺ had already told about these incidents which will happen in future.

Now stick back… watch this video, it will tell you what is going to happen:

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