One of the most important personalities on this plane – Abdul Sattar Edhi has left us all alone. This angelic soul departed on July 8, 2016. No doubts, humans like Abdul Sattar Edhi are born after centuries. Obviously, the gap he has left behind cannot be filled because there’s no one like him who can take his place. This nation is in debt; now it is OUR responsibility to keep his legacy alive!

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Abdul Sattar Edhi was and will always be a great name for entire Pakistani nation. During such crucial times, Edhi was the only person who took bold steps to protect Pakistani society from shattering apart. Whether it’s a crib to save the life of unwanted newborns or an ambulance to rush you towards hospital at the time of dire emergency, Edhi was always there for you.  After serving his nation tirelessly for almost a decade, this fearless hero recently passed away, leaving this nation alone as well as giving this nation the motivation to stand firm and keep fighting during the toughest times. Here, I’m presenting some of the morals that we can practically implement in our lives to keep Abdul Sattar Edhi’s Legacy alive.

Humanity is a Greatest Religion on Earth


Most of the people out there won’t agree with Edhi on this aspect but it was a staunch belief of this great personality that humanity is the greatest religion on earth. Without humanity, nothing can cherish the beauty of this beautiful planet. Abdul Sattar Edhi was a true Muslim and believed that Islam does not prohibit us from helping the people of other religion.

Never be Judgemental

The most profound characteristic of Abdul Sattar Edhi was that he was a person who never judged people on any basis. This is the reason why he helped and served every person irrespective of their religion, background, personality or beliefs. Once we start judging someone, we develop biased thoughts about that person which is harmful to the humanitarian activities that we perform. So if we want to become a true humanitarian, then we must never be judgmental against any person.

Abdul Sattar Edhi – a very Down to Earth person

Edhi never believed in feeling proud due to the awards and privileges provided by the people of this world. He passed through extremely hard and difficult times but never complained. Despite earning enormous respect and honor all around the globe, he was the most down-to-earth person ever. He believed in continuously serving the people of this world and till his last breath, he practiced this belief.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was not just a personality, he is an era. He was the person who made people believe in humanity. We can never fill the gap this amazing person has left in our society. The least we can do is keep his legacy alive by practicing his beautiful teachings and following the way he lived his life.

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