You might be wondering that there is a techy side to this piece of article. Well, there isn’t. No coding, no designing and still a lot of money. In order to make money online through android applications, you do not have to be a coder in the first place. What you need to have is good business skills and right kind of people to do the work for you.

Outsource mobile app developers to make money fast online

This is the first step. Look out for people around you and see if you can find a good, competitive developer – who does not charge a lot. Go for his experience and portfolio. Based on that, ask him questions and check if he knows them all. If you FEEL right about that person, he is your man!

Check out the market before you start creating an android app

This is essential. You should know whether what you are making has a need inside the market. Get your survey done for this matter and know what people are most interested in. I have seen apps which are well designed and have good features but still aren’t popular. The concept behind your app must reflect the need of the users.

Branding and Marketing

While your application to make money online is being designed, start marketing the idea out in the social media. Don’t forget about your product even once it is designed because you need an audience towards that app for a lifetime. Updates must be notified to the people over social media and by personal notifications on their phones. You need to make sure that people remember that your product exists which is only possible by means of branding. Newsletters subscription is also a good idea.

To make money online through android apps, keep them free to download

Free Apps generally generate a huge amount of traffic because sometimes even if people do not like the app, they install it in the first place because they see it’s for free. And that’s what gets you to make money online – pay per install. You are monetizing that traffic with banners and affiliate programs. Each click on the advertising banner gets you money.

I can’t say that you don’t have to invest a lot of money in the process but it’s worth it. The turnover can hit new milestones.

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