Everyone wants to make more and more money. Have you ever wondered why rich people keep getting rich? Let me tell you few things today. Mostly we think that rich people save a lot of money and then they use it to buy new cars and luxurious homes. No dude, things are very different in reality. They don’t save money to buy all this cool stuff. What do they do then? 

Psycho Cybernetics

Maxwell Maltz wrote a book, Psycho Cybernetics; more than 35 million copies of this book have been sold. In this book, you’ll find answers to the theory of psychology connecting to the concept of ‘becoming rich’ and taking control of your thought processes. Folks, it’s all in your mind. You get what you dream of. Your life scenarios would exactly be the same as you have set them up in your mind.

Reality = Experience = Imagination

Actually, for something to be a reality for you, you have to be able to experience it. But the problem is that if you have $100 in your pocket, how are you going to experience a Ferrari? The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between actual experience and imagination. This is very true that if you start remembering a bad time in your life, you will start feeling bad as if it is happening to you right now.

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Similarly, if you start thinking of something good in your life, you will surely start feeling good as if it is also happening to you right now. Maxwell talks about Hypnosis. What this means is that even if there’s a world’s strongest man standing right in front of you, you can hypnotize him, saying that he can’t pick up a 5-pound dumbbell. And guess what, chances are that he won’t be able to pick it up. Watch this video and get to see a bigger picture:

“When you believe you can… you can!”

~ Maxwell Maltz

At the end of the day, it’s all up to us. It MATTERS how we react to the situations surrounding us in our daily lives.

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