While you are in school or college, it’s more than just studying and passing the courses. The management tries to build a leader within you. For this particular reason, you get assigned with some extracurricular responsibilities – like planning a successful fundraiser event.

There are 5 things which must be on top of your checklist:

A great idea

A great idea is not just fancy, or I would say, not ALWAYS fancy. In fact, it’s the one which is feasible and applicable to the resources available.

Posted below are a few ideas that you can implement, provided that it’s feasible.

Gig In The Sky: Gather some crazy musicians from within your school/college and give them a platform to perform.

Futsal Tournament: This calls for an inter-house short football tourney.

Women of Talent Exhibition: Be an entrepreneur for a day. Put yourself to work; create, sell and gain!

Theatre Night: Pick up a script and act for a cause!

Set up a goal

Know why exactly you are doing. Make the objective go public so that people know the cause and they participate willingly. Let’s say, if you are planning a successful fundraiser to help a few needy families, then make your objective clear that it is for a good cause and for the right reasons.

Do the budgeting while planning a successful fundraiser

You do not have to be a finance mastermind for this purpose. Just list down all the expenses – get quotations from three different vendors in each buying process and then go for the cheaper and reliable option! At the time of ticket pricing, make sure that the number does not sound too big to afford. You can perhaps give an early bird discount at first and then proceed with a higher mark. Just make sure to reach the breakeven and then, of course, major profit!

Get maximum reach

Planning a successful fundraiser event demands real good marketing strategies. Spread everywhere but DO NOT spam! Play your cards right; just how the audience would like to see you go. Make social media accounts, visit different schools, use your sources to get articles published in local newspapers and of course, do it by the word of mouth.

Document everything

Yep! Document marketing strategies, vendor quotations, floor plans, operational plan, collaboration agreements and everything else which matters. After the event, comment on the execution in the form of epilog.

We wish you all the best in your upcoming ventures! Share your thoughts with us 

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