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Watch this video and it would give you an overview of how amazing photographer Razaq Vance is.

(Video Source: Razaq Vance – Interview on ATV)

If you are passionate about photography and want to see your name in the list of top-notch Pakistani Photographers, you must become a follower of Abdul Razaq Vance; an incredible personality, an expert mentor.

Abdul Razaq Vance is not a new name for those who have keen interest in the field of photography. Basically an assistant professor of Zoology, Razaq Vance has been mesmerizing the residents of this planet with his enchanting photography art for almost a decade. Although there are many other great Pakistani photographers who have reined in this particular field but this man stands out extraordinarily. Here we are enlisting five aspects of his life, personality and passion.

He is Madly in Love with his Hometown

It is in the deepest nature of human being to leave his current surroundings and move towards better and more civilized area as soon as he gains success and access. All famous photographers around the world preferred to leave their native areas and roam around the world for getting inspiration but this man adopted the opposite approach. He preferred to reside in his hometown Samundri and promote his art from his very own city. Located in Faislabad District, Samundri is famous for its culture, history and agricultural significance. Through his stunning art-work, Razaq Vance has highlighted the mesmerizing natural beauty of this simple city tremendously.

Many Prestigious Awards Belong to Him

His award-winning journey started right after he entered his school. He did his masters from Government College University Lahore. There, he was awarded Gold Medal for his remarkable performance throughout this academic tenure. He also received Sir William Roberts Gold Medal and Roll of Honor for his academic achievements. Mr. Razaq has the honor of being a Pakistani Stock Photographer for National Geographic. He received Medallions in the “67th International Photographic Salon of Japan” and “60th International Photographic Salon of Japan” held in Asahi Shimbin. His photographic art was also exhibited in another photography exhibition, “PAKISTAN THROUGH A LENS. He received many prestigious national awards in various photographic competitions and exhibitions held under Islamabad Camera Club, Gardeners Club Faisalabad, Photographic Society of Pakistan, Alhamra National Photography Salon and Photographic Arts Society of Pakistan. You can check out complete list of his achievements here.

Purely Majestic, isn’t it?

herd by razaq vance on 500px.com

Super Awesome
FISHERMEN by razaq vance on 500px.com

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Mesmerizing Beauty
JOURNEY OF LIFE by razaq vance on 500px.com

Back to home…
BACK TO HOME by razaq vance on 500px.com


Probably he’s THE Most Content Person on Earth

When he was once asked that “Why don’t you want to lead the life full of riches and money?” The only answer he gave was that “I feel I am blessed.” He always seems to be the most content and happy person on earth. Although he moved to the famous city of Lahore in order to complete his higher studies but he never had the intention of permanently settling there. He lives in a small city of Samundri and never once in his life, felt the need for a rich and luxurious life.

Mr. Razaq, believes in living life on his own terms and has never regretted his decisions. He confidently claims that he moved to Samundri by his own choice. Despite being forced and suggested for not doing so, he opted for Zoology as his major because he always felt a close relation with nature. He started photography as a spontaneous job and dedicated his entire love to his photographs – that’s why his photographs speak thousands of words 😉

First Award Winning Masterpiece with a Cheap Convex Lens

During early times of his photography passion, he got the chance to meet with a senior photographer Mr. Sami-ur-Rehman. Mr. Sami is another great photographer in Pakistan. Sami-ur-Rehman was the man who guided Mr. Razaq towards the path of professional creativity. Right after one month, Mr. Sami-ur-Rehman’s Photographic Arts Society of Pakistan was planning to hold a photographic exhibition in which Razaq Vance decided to participate.
This man rose up early morning and adjusted a cheap convex lens, which had costed him only 10.Rupees, in front of his camera. He proudly admits that he created his first award-winning masterpiece with the help of that cheap convex lens. He captured the photograph of a beetle walking on a leaf amidst the dew-drops. That photograph came out so perfect that it won the first prize in that exhibition. This gave a spectacular boost to his photography passion, which later turned out to be a delightful profession.

Bottom Line:

While advising newbies, Mr. Razaq Vance strongly condemns the myth which is being spread around that no one can become a good photographer unless he has a high-end gear. He says that he himself has produced stunning photographs by using a simple Canon camera. In some of his photographs, he captured the same environment at two different timings and then blended those photos together and created such amazing magical effects later through a some creative post-processing techniques.
You don’t have to have the most expensive camera in the market for becoming a successful professional photographer. But, you need to dedicate yourself towards your passion and it would lead you to success, ultimately!

Moreover, visit his official website for more info: http://www.razaqvance.com/

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