Let me talk about five amazing holiday destinations in Pakistan which you must visit if you’re on vacations. Now-a-days, it’s vacation time in Pakistan andIf you are bored and don’t know what to do, here’s an idea: Pack up your bag and take a trip to these five spookiest holiday destinations in Pakistan. All five of these holiday destinations are equipped with horror and thrill to provide you with the fearsome burst of a lifetime, Promise 

Ever been to Mohatta Palace? It’s Creepy!

Standing in Karachi since 1927, this palace has now been renovated as a museum. People working at Mohatta have complained that numerous times they have sensed the presence of British Ghosts, wandering without passports 

Lights keep turning On and Off. Most of the people have also seen things floating from one place to another. You have to visit this place 

Your true love awaits you on the Dalmia Road!

If you are still leading the life of a bachelor then there is one stunning bride that is waiting for you at the Dalmia Road. According to the locals, this bride is also known as Bride of Karsaz. Every night, this bride waits for her true love on the Dalmia Road and if you pay attention to her, she turns into a blood-sucking monster. Some of the passerby’s have claimed that they saw her turning into a churail. You should definitely visit this super-awesome place.

Kalabagh Dam

Yup! Kalabagh Dam is another of the spine-chilling holiday destinations in Pakistan. Local people have reported that the surrounding areas of Kalabagh Dam are haunted by a woman of short stature with incredibly long hair. She gets brutal if you pay attention to her (Yikes!)

A Hut at Hawks Bay

Next time you plan a visit to Hawks Bay, beware of the Haunted Hut. This hut is not a good place to rest until and unless you are bored of your life. Jinnz reside here and celebrate their weddings on the night of full moon.

Shireen Cinema

It seems that ghosts also love to get entertained when things are a bit dull. If you go to Karachi, you must visit this haunted cinema where ghosts enjoy watching movies with high spirits.

Don’t forget to keep safety measures intact before visiting these terrorizing, yet amazing holiday destinations in Pakistan.

Wait! Have you visited any of these places? We would like to know; comment below and share something with us 


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