1. Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Pilots

Last year, a Pakistan Air Force cadet was named as Best Overseas Cadet at Royal Air Force College. Pakistan Air Force Pilots are considered to be highly trained pilots in the world. Need something to support this claim? Watch this video:

2. The Majestic Pakistani National Anthem Tune

You might have experienced many times; how pleasant it feels while listening to Qaumi Taranah (Pakistani National Anthem). With 80 seconds of running time, Ahmed Ghulamali Chagla gave such a mystical touch to this composition that it is now considered to be the most sweet national anthem melody all across the world. Listen to it fellows:

German Girl Loves Pakistani National Anthem

With this being said that Pakistani National Anthem has a very sweet melody, listen to this German Girl who loves singing Pakistani National Anthem, in Urdu 

3. 847,275 Trees Planted, within a Day!

Back in June 2013, Pakistanis planted 847,275 mangrove saplings at Keti Bandar, located in Sindh province of Pakistan. These 847,275 mangrove saplings were planted within a single day! Now this shows the commitment and dedication of Pakistani people towards a goal which they’ve decided to accomplish!


Pakistan makes it to the Guinness World Records by planting 847,275 mangrove saplings in a day

4. First ever PC virus

My IT fellows might know this already. But let me bring this to your attention also that the very first computer virus named as Brain, was developed by two brothers residing in Lahore, Pakistan. Yes, this was the very first computer virus for MS-DOS. Back in January 2011, when Mikko Hypponen came to know about this virus, he came all the way from Helsinki, Finland to Lahore, for the sake of meeting these two genius brothers, Amjad Farooq Alvi and Basit Farooq Alvi. How did they developed that virus? Who wrote the code? How exactly Mikkon Hypponen came to know about the fact that these two have developed this? How did he find their address? This video will answer your questions:

5. Fifth Largest Copper & Gold Deposits

This one might come as shock to some of you because this is something that is not told on our media most of the time. Yes, that’s true, World’s fifth largest Gold & Copper reserves have been found in Pakistan. Reko Diq is a small town in Chaghi district of Baluchistan where these gold mines are located. These mines are spread over more than 100 kilometers and contain an estimated amount of 54 Million Tons of gold.

Pakistan has alot to be Proud of!

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